June 5th, 1991 – January 28th, 2005

Day One with his new Mom





Samson's Life Story: "It starts with a border collie named lucy. she moved here from halifax with her mom, but got lost one night. a whole gang of us went looking for her. i went to the humane society with my friend sherry to see if she'd been brought there. they said only one person was allowed to go into the lost unit, and since Sherry knew what lucy looked like, she went in, and I went in to say hi to all the dogs up for adoption, there was so much noise! much barking and yelping and the dogs were jumping and running around in circles trying to get my attention. but at the back of the room, at the bottom of a stack of cages was a 4 month old pup not making a sound. I went over to him and read the note (which Istill have it ...I'll scan it for you and send it later). It said he was the quietest dog in the whole place, and had been there for a month! Iput my hand out to him as he licked it and looked up at me, and that was it. I had me a dog." .... Ruth, Samson's Mom

13 1/2
Job Site Assistant for mom.
Wouldn't let me in!
Diggin holes, butt scratching
Favorite Foods:

Ruth & Samson

Bread for Samson's Birthday

hmmmm, none
Naughty Behaviors:
Will do anything for bread, including running off to get it.


Mom's website:

4 months old

Snow in Toronto